Carnivore Diet - Week Six

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Keto Ketogenic Steak Ribeye

Shocked to be in week 6 of this insanity, but here I am! I’m feeling great. My stomach area in general actually feels really good. Like the way it’s supposed to feel. If nothing else, this experiment has taught me about the way my things are meant to be.

One negative is that my skin isn’t great right now. This may or may not be diet related. I’ve suffered from seborrheic dermatitis since I was around 16 years old, so flare ups aren’t anything new. Having said that, there is a thing known as the ‘healing crisis’ where things get worse before they get better. If I am healing from within, the skin would be the last to show it, so we shall see.

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Keto Ketogenic Steak Ribeye

Been experimenting a bit with steak ‘doneness’. Generally I go with rare to medium-rare, but supermarket steaks are usually so thin it’s hard to do them anything less than medium. I took a trip to the butcher after a shoot and grabbed a nice thick ribeye, and tried it bleu.  It’s was nice, although I think I prefer it the way I usually have it. I also tried making my own version of a steak tartare. Basically a raw sirloin steak chopped up with seasoning and an egg yolk on top. It was ok, but nothing like the steak tartare I’ve had in restaurants. I guess the capers and such like really matter to the recipe.

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Keto Ketogenic Roast Beef

I had some amazing roast beef. It’s been fun cooking stuff I wouldn’t usually cook for myself. It’s definitely helped with preventing food boredom from my very restricted choice.

I did try fish. I hate fish. I thought my palette might have changed in some way, but no such luck. You can read more about my fish cooking attempt here

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Keto Ketogenic Salmon

I mentioned in earlier diary posts that I’d been having headaches. After all my wondering about things like salt deficiency, turns out it was caffeine withdrawal. That’s why it kept happening at weekends. I rarely drink coffee outside of weekdays, and because I’ve cut out Coke Zero, it means that Saturday and Sunday became completely caffeine free. My plan is to reduce my weekday coffee consumption, but increase it at the weekend, just to find a balance.

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Keto Ketogenic Burgers Cheese Bacon Patty Beef

It was National Burger Day apparently, so I made my own without the buns. They were pretty awesome.

The thing I’ve missed most since starting this is ice cream. It’s literally one of my favourite things ever. I thought in my infinite wisdom that it might be possible to make carnivore ice cream. I blended up ice cubes with double cream and a free sachet of protein powder I had in the cupboard. To be fair, it kinda worked. It was definitely ‘ice creamy’. However, it really didn’t agree with me, and my stomach definitely didn’t feel all that great afterwards. By the next morning I was all back to normal though, and ready to tackle week 7!!!