Carnivore Diet - Week Five

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Slow Cooked Brisket

I can't believe I've made it into my fifth week of only eating meat. It actually feels normal now. I was even able to go to the local shop and pick up a few bits without being suckered into buying sweets, chocolate or ice cream! That's a huge thing for me, as I have a ridiculous sweet tooth! I've had no really negatives this week at all, so this is going to be a pretty short update.

My favourite meal this week was a slow cooked brisket. Cooked for 4 hours, this thing literally fell apart, and I reckon I could probably have eaten it with a spoon to be honest! It was soooo good, even though all I did was season it with salt and pepper rather than cover it with a sauce or rub. I mean, no doubt, that would have probably made it next level, but well... plants etc.

Only weird thing, and apologies for the TMI, but my urine has started to smell weird. I mean it's not like asparagus bad, but it's noticeable. I'm assuming it's because my body is now producing ketones, but not fully utilising them as fuel yet, and therefore I'm getting rid of a lot of them when I go to the bathroom. Will have to see if this changes over time as I become more fat adapted.

Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Graph 1 one month MyFitnessPal Zero Carb

So the crazy thing is that I've now done 1 month as a carnivore, eating literally only meat and animal products. Zero fruit or vegetables. A couple of things to note... firstly, I'm not dead. I also feel really good. I've also lost a crap tonne of weight! Looking at the graph above, you can see when I had my cheat days, because they're huge peaks. Even so, there's a steady weight loss going on, and according to my scales, my muscle mass is being maintained, at least beyond the initial reduction due to water and glycogen depletion.

Really thinking this could work long term... if I can avoid ice cream!