Carnivore Diet - Week Four

Carnivore diet baby back pork ribs

Week Four

Trying to keep enough variation in what I’m eating to prevent boredom has meant various impulse buys from Amazon Now. Amazon bought Whole Foods recently and now I have so many more options available when I can’t be bothered to go out to the butchers. The latest purchase was a rack of pork ribs which I slow cooked for about 3 hours. Only downside is that I couldn’t smother them in sticky bbq sauce, but they were still super tasty.

What’s really interesting is that despite really enjoying the ribs, especially as I had pork loin steaks for lunch, I really felt like I was missing the satiation I get from beef. I’ll do more experimentation of the next week or so, but it may be that the higher fat content meats really do make me feel better and more satiated than the leaner meats. I’m actually yet to have chicken since starting this diet for the simple reason that it’s about the leanest meat available, and I can honestly say I’m not craving chicken in any way.

Carnivore diet baby back pork ribs bones aftermath

Any remnants of electrolyte deficiency seems to have subsided. I’ve been super productive for the past few days, which considering how lazy I’ve got over the last 6 months is a very welcome and much needed improvement! I listened to a podcast and the recommended a pinch of sugar in coffee. Sounds weird, but I’m gonna try it. Will keep you updated!

Mid way through week 4 and my energy levels are noticeable up. I’ve been pondering what kind of snack options there are on this diet. Obviously there’s cold meats as long as they’re not too seasoned or processed, so no Pepperami’s. Occasionally, I’ll have a small slice of cheese, which is just enough to get rid of any slight feelings of hunger. I also got some pork scratchings, which I haven’t had a billion years. These were supermarket ones, so will see if I can get any from the butchers. 


I had my first experience of eating out since starting this way of eating. We went to Leroy in Shoreditch, which thankfully is a kind of tapas sharing style place. Parma ham, pork chops and some french black pudding, which has more meat in it... it was epic!

A big change for me is no dessert. I have a real sweet tooth, so it was weird for me to say no to pudding. Thankfully they ordered one to share that I don't like anyway, so was easier to resist.

I'm actually shocked to be at the end of week four already. I've always said I'll keep going until I feel like crap, but so far, that hasn't really happened apart from a couple of headaches, which were easily remedied. Onwards!