Carnivore Diet - Week Two

Carnivore diet streaky bacon sizzling in a pan

Week Two

I started the week still feeling bloated for a good day or two after my cheat day. The dermatitis in my face had also erupted, so generally didn’t really feel all that great.

I was finding supermarket shopping really quick, which makes sense when you only have a single aisle to choose from. It made me realise how much of the food we’re sold is plant based carbohydrate.

Although sticking with steak as the main component to my diet, I was also including other stuff like duck and a lot of bacon!

As the week went on, I noticed my energy levels were much more consistent through the day. I wasn’t getting major lulls in the afternoon, and the urge to take a nap. I was sleeping way better. I found myself going to be earlier, and falling straight to sleep immediately, and then waking up much earlier than normal.

By the end of week two, My mood was much improved, especially when I looked in the mirror and was noticeably thinner around the belly! I felt amazing!

Cheat day Two

I think this was a major turning point in my mindset and how I feel about the food I eat.

All week I’d noticed my cravings for sweets and carbs had been disappearing. Occasionally, I wanted something sweet after dinner, but a small chunk of cheese was enough to satisfy me. 

I don’t know what came over me, but I’d decided that because it was my cheat day, I was going to eat my favourite Daim ice cream, and maybe some sweets, just to stop me craving them later in the week. This was a stupid idea! 

I ate the entire tub of ice cream, and a bag of Maltesers, along with a whole packet of biscuits and a punnet of raspberries. I felt crap.

What’s worse is that shortly afterwards, I went back out and got yet more sweets and chocolate, and ate it all! It didn’t end there though! 

I actually was craving meat. That’s what I needed to satisfy me, but I was so drunk on carbs and sugar that I found myself ordering from McDonalds! 

It wasn’t long after the delivery guy from Uber Eats handed me the large bag of regrets from McDonalds that I found myself trying to force down chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. I was so bloated and full, but still trying to put food into my mouth. I couldn’t stop myself!

Mcdonalds cheat day

Eventually I topped out and couldn’t fit any more in, and finished eating. My tongue hurt. Like a sharp stinging sensation. I had stomach ache from the very visible bloating. I had gas for the rest of the evening and throughout the night... and I rarely have gas! I went to the bathroom three times that night and twice the following morning! I was really hot all night and having cold sweats, and couldn’t sleep properly. I was a wreck.

i added up everything I’d put in my face to discover I’d eaten over 5500 calories!!!

MyFitnessPal cheat day calories

I was done! The difference in how I felt between when I woke up in the morning to how I felt going to bed was everything I needed to quit the cheat days and go all on this carnivore thing. I was still not sure about it, but maybe, just maybe I was starting to believe!

Week Three

Took 3 days for the bloated feeling to subside, and  a whole week for my weight to return to where it was pre-cheat day. The idea of another weekend cheat day was still appealing in a small way, but only because we naturally want things more when we can’t have them. The main difference this time around was that it was entirely resistible.

MyFitnessPal post cheat day weight loss

As time has passed, I’ve found this diet to become easier and easier. I’m still not bored of eating just meat, and really not craving any kind of fruit or vegetable. I am, however, occasionally getting cravings for fizzy sweets and ice cream, but so far they’ve been short lived.

So on the Saturday night at the end of week 3, I did get quite a bad headache. A lot of people on the ketogenic diet talk about the ‘keto flu’ as your body switches from carbs to fats as fuel, but I don’t know if this was that. I tend to get headaches when there’s high atmospheric pressure, so that might have caused it. I’ve also drastically reduced my caffeine intake since cutting out Coke Zero, so that also could play a role. Additionally, it’s super hot, and there’s a strong chance dehydration could be factored in. With all that said, after a quick google search, I found a couple of solutions that really helped. Turns out taking a bath with a load of Epsom salts and periodically swallowing a pinch of salt was what I needed. When going onto a carb restricted diet, let alone a zero carb diet, your body will rid itself of a lot of water. Whenever you reduce the amount of water in your body, your salt levels will go down, which is why long distance runners take salt tablets. Anyway, increasing my salt intake made me feel much better. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to swallow a pinch of salt. I thought it would be horrible, but I guess if your body needs something, it would make no sense for it to be undersirable to ingest.

So, onto week three...