Carnivore Diet - Week One

Carnivore diet sirloin steak from the butchers

My last post was all about the background and the how and why I'm doing this. Originally I was going to document everything in a single blog post, but it was getting insanely long, so I'm breaking things up and doing a week by week account of my experience on the Carnivore Diet, until I decide to stop doing it, die of malnutrition, or it just becomes my normal way of eating.

Week One

I went into the first week all guns blazing. I diet was mostly based around steak, particularly Ribeye, which I love. Steak is awesome! I also found a new love and appreciation for Pork Chops. 

On day 2 I had a headache in the evening, which I don’t know if was related, but I rarely get headaches, so maybe. That being said, I switched from drinking vast quantities of Coke Zero, to just water, so it could have been caffeine withdrawal.

I decided to make friends with my nearest butcher, which meant getting a really huge slab of sirloin steak. I got them to cut it extra thick, and specifically chose the fatty end, because this diet is supposed to be high fat. It's the fat that is the main energy source seeing as I'm not eating any carbohydrates at all. On the way home I picked up a disposable barbecue and then cooked quite possibly one of the best steaks I've ever eaten!!!

Carnivore diet disposable bbq flames
Carnivore diet sirloin steak from the butcher medium rare

By the end of the week I can honestly say I was feeling awesome. My general mood was lighter, I’d lost weight, and I wasn’t bored of steak. In fact, I found myself looking forward to it every night. I’m still sticking with the intermittent fasting routine I’ve been using for the past few years, and more often than not, I only eat once per day. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Cheat Days

I love carbs, especially things like ice cream, bread and sweets, and the idea of never eating them again makes me sad. To that end, I decided I was going to do Carnivore for 6 days per week, and then have a cheat day at the weekend when I could eat whatever I wanted, purely to satisfy any cravings for things I missed.

I enjoyed buying all the sweet things and was really excited for the sugar hit. I began with some fresh apple, strawberry and pineapple, because fruit is good for you right? Well within 5 minutes I felt like absolute crap! Seriously! I was bloated and just generally felt bleugh after literally just fruit!

The problem with carbs and sugar though, is that they’re addictive, so despite feeling crap, I carried on eating! By the end of the day I was lethargic and groggy. 

Thoughts so far...

So far, this has been far easier than I expected, way less boring than I imagined, and I feel great... at least I did until the cheat day. Will have to see if I do that again, but in general, this whole meat thing might not be so bad. Let's see how I feel this time next week!