My First Time #7 - Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper Review

‘Try it! What’s the worst that can happen?’ They said! So here I am, having my first ever Dr Pepper.

To this day, I’m yet to find anywhere that says what it tastes like, besides ‘unique’. That being said, I’m a massive Coca-Cola fan, and that just says it’s from ‘vegetable extracts’, so maybe I’m just making something over nothing.

Turns out Dr Pepper is actually older than Coca-Cola (albeit by 1 year). It was developed in a pharmacy in the 1880’s and launched in 1885. 

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A lot of people find it hard to believe I’ve never had Dr Pepper. Well that has now changed, and I only have one thing to say...

I hate Dr Pepper

Oh my god this stuff is disgusting!!! Never nope no no no no never no nope not having this again!!! Nope. Never!!!!

Dr Pepper Review