My First Time #4 - Twister

I love ice cream. It’s literally one of my favourite foods ever! That being said, there’s a couple of ice lollies I’ve never actually tried, so continuing my series of firsts, I thought it was about time I tried a Twister! 

Walls Twister ice cream review

Now to be honest, Twisters are something I’ve avoided up until now. I don’t know what I expected them to taste like, but for some reason I decided I wasn’t going to like them. 

Turns out I was very wrong! They’re yummy!!! 

I’m a big fan of lime flavour things, so that was a winner, but combined with the pineapple ice cream, it was a tropical sensation! The strawberry middle just added to the enjoyment.

I have since been told I ate it wrong though. Supposedly I was meant to lick the ice cream out first? Might have to get another one to try. How do you eat yours? Leave a comment below! 

Walls Twister ice cream review