My First Time #3 - Weird Fruit

Weird Fruit

You know that bit of the fruit aisle where nobody goes? I went there!

As a continuation of my mission to try more things, I bought a small assortment of thing I had no idea what they were, let alone how to eat them! To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement, but you gotta try everything at least once! Besides, in this instance, I don’t think I know anyone else that’s tried this stuff either! 

It’s funny to think that so much of the fruit we consider ‘normal’ is from just as far away as what I’m about to eat, and yet these things somehow never became popular. I’m guessing there’s a reason for that, which I’m about to find out! Haha! 


Weird Fruit Tamarillo

This looks basically like a tomato, which I suppose proves that tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable. Google says you’re supposed to cut it in half and eat the inside with a spoon, often with sugar.

Weird Fruit Tamarillo
Weird Fruit Tamarillo

I was quite surprised by tamarillo. It’s sweet, with a kind of peppery after taste that was quite pleasant. Texture-wise, it was a pretty much like a firm tomato. I reckon if you combined a tomato, plum and kiwi, you’d probably have something like a tamarillo.

Would I eat this again? Yes 

Click here for more info on Tamarillo 



Weird Fruit Cherimoya

Apparently cherimoya comes from central and South America, and has a nick name ‘ice cream fruit’. I love ice cream, so was into the idea of this!

The way to eat this is to split it in half with a knife and then either eat the flesh with a spoon or pull it out in chunks with your fingers. 

Don’t eat the seeds! Aside from being rock hard, according to the internet, they’re also poisonous! 

Weird Fruit Cherimoya

This was horrible! Really not my cup of tea, and nothing like ice cream at all!!! It wasn’t very sweet, and I didn’t much like the aftertaste either.

The texture was kind of like an apple, but really I have nothing good to say about this fruit at all! 

Oh and apparently the bark from the tree it grows on can be used to induce paralysis! Why are we growing this stuff for food?  

Would I eat this again? No No No

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Dragon Fruit  

Weird Fruit Dragon Fruit

You can’t get more exotic than a Dragon Fruit right? It looks like something from Star Trek (the original 1960’s version), and it’s got ‘dragon’ in the name!!!

I got both the red and yellow varieties to try.

Weird Fruit Dragon Fruit

You eat both varieties in the same way. Cut them down the middle with a knife and then eat the insides with a spoon.

Weird Fruit Dragon Fruit

I tried the red one first as it’s supposedly the most common, and let’s be honest, probably the weirdest looking fruit of all the ones I’m eating!

The texture was basically the same as a kiwi, but as far as flavour goes, it was a bit tasteless to be honest, and just left me with a kind of ‘meh’ feeling about it. 

Onto the yellow... 

Weird Fruit Dragon Fruit

The yellow dragon Fruit was way nicer! Significantly sweeter (without being too sweet), and just generally tasted much more pleasant. Texture was slightly more gelatinous than the red variety, but not unpleasant.

Would I eat them again? I’d eat the yellow, but probably give the red a miss 

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Snake Fruit

Weird Fruit Snake Fruit

Any guesses how this one got its name???

Google said to eat this you have to pinch the tip and break off the skin. I was surprised at how easy that happened, although very weird how wood like the skin actually is! 

Weird Fruit Snake Fruit

Inside, you get lobes of fruit, that each have an inedible seed inside. The fruit and pulp are both edible.

The texture was somewhere in between an apple and garlic, but that idea might just have been in my head due to the way the fruit inside looks. 

I suppose it has a taste reminiscent of apple, but I wouldn’t say it was appley really. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I didn’t get blown away by it. 

Would I eat it again? Maybe 

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Weird Fruit Snake Fruit

Of the fruit I tried, tamarillo and yellow dragon fruit would be the only ones I’d be inclined to eat again. Maybe the reason these are still ‘weird’ compared to say a pineapple or kiwi is purely down to them just not being as nice to eat!

I do quite like Star Fruit though ☺️ 

Have you tried any of these fruits? Are there any you think I should try if I see them? Let me know in the comments below!