Classic Movies I Should Have Seen By Now!

   Went to see Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ at Pinewood Studios!

 Went to see Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ at Pinewood Studios!

I love movies! I definitely prefer to sit in front of a screen and watch a story unfold than to read it from the pages of a book. In an age of never ending Top 5/10/50/100 rundowns, I often see lists of all time classic movies ‘everyone should have seen’ ...and you know what? I’ve hardly seen any of them!

I guess I’ve always just been more drawn to new Hollywood blockbusters as they come out, rather than films made before I was born... I mean some of them aren’t even in colour!!! Hahaha! 

Well this year I’m trying to be more well rounded and be able to join any conversation, so I’m going to try and see all those classic movies I’ve never seen! I mean, they must be good if people always go on about them right? 

I’ve had a few responses from people via Twitter, and combined with various lists via places like IMDB, I now have close to 50 movies to get through, with some dating back to the 1930’s. I don’t have an order I plan to watch them in. It’s more of a ‘what I feel like at the time’ kinda process. I’m going to try and post reviews of them as I go. I guess I shouldn’t worry about spoiler warnings too much on an 80 year old movie, or maybe I should? I can’t be the only person who hasn’t seen all these right?

What are some of your ‘must see’ movies?