Movember - The Finale

Jay McLaughlin Movember Moustache Mustache

So here it is… one whole month of mouth brow growth. I think it’s a respectable amount of upper lip plumage for a month to be honest, although I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hoped for more. The beard seems to grow at a much faster rate for some reason.

I don’t even think it looks all that bad from a style perspective. I’m definitely glad I grew the beard stubble a bit, rather than being completely clean shaven, but all in all, my face furniture doesn’t offend me as much as it could have done.

Anywho, I guess it’s about time I should trim it back to a less retro aesthetic. I’ve enjoyed the nods of appreciation over the month from other men on their Mo journey’s. It’s like a secret club, which is always awesome.

Jay McLaughlin Movember Moustache Mustache

You can check out my original in depth blog post about Movember here, or you can go ahead and donate to help stop men dying too young in the link below…

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