JAYS T-Four Wireless Earphones Review

JAYS T-Four Wireless Review

I’ve been meaning to get a new pair of in-ear earphones for ages. I’ve always had issues with them falling out in the past and have generally opted for those with hooks, but even then, I’m constantly adjusting them as the move around. When Apple infamously removed the headphone jack from the iPhone I grabbed a cheap sports set of in-ears, but due to the bad fit, and the tragically poor battery life, I rarely used them, and instead opted for big over ear headphones instead. Over ears are probably my preferred style, however, as a hat wearer, they can conflict with certain aesthetic choices, although in the winter, they double as earmuffs, so they definitely have pros and cons.

Anyway, I digress… Whilst Christmas shopping, I spotted these rather understated in-ears from Swedish company ‘JAYS’. I mean with a name like that, how could I not, right?

Aside from the brand name, there were a couple of things that made me grab these when I should have been shopping for other people… Firstly, they were half price, and I love a bargain. Secondly, they came supplied with multiple ear tips in different sizes, both in rubber and memory foam. I’ve only ever tried rubber ones before, and they either fall out, or I have to jam them so far in that they get uncomfortable. Trying out the different fits, I discovered that one ear hole is slightly bigger than the other, so being able to use two different sizes is great. What’s even better is that with these foam tips, I don’t have any problems with them falling out, and so far, they’ve been way more comfortable too!

A couple of the other design features I like is that the all black design is kind of stealthy, unlike the Apple AirPods which look kinda dumb hanging out of your ears. They also balanced the battery with the controls to add equal weight to both sides, which helps with the comfort. There’s also a small lip on the edge of the earbud itself that sits just inside the ear cartilage, further adding to the security of the fit.

As far as performance goes, the JAYS T-Four Wireless sound decent. The bass is nice, and the highs are fairly clear. It’s not mind blowing sound, and they definitely could do with more in the mid range, but they’re a huge improvement on the in-ears I was using before.

The other impressive feature is the 10 hours of battery life. Sure, they don’t last as long as over ears, but for their size it’s definitely a selling point. They charge via a USB cable supplied in the box, although the rubber connector cover is quite fiddly to get open at times.

All in all, I’m liking the JAYS T-Four’s. Now that I’ve discovered the secret to being able to wear in-ears, I’m tempted to go on the hunt for some ‘true wireless’ earbuds, although having the cable between them does allow for hanging them around your neck if you need to take them out and talk to someone for a moment. At least I can listen to music whilst wearing wide brim hats for once!