Fragrance Review - Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial Fragrance Review

Of all the fragrances in my ever expanding collection, one of my favourites is by Atelier Cologne. I picked up my bottle of Clementine California at the airport before heading off to New York for work, and it’s one of the scents I wore most over the summer. If you like fresh citrusy vibes, you really need to check it out!

Anyway, I was super excited then Atelier Cologne asked if I wanted to try one of their other fragrances. A few days later and I had a bottle of the 2015 released Musc Impérial, along with a second bottle of Clementine California! Yay!!!!!

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial Fragrance Review Hotel Majestic Barcelona

Musc Impérial is inspired by the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona after the creators of the fragrance, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, stayed there. They wanted a scent that captured the vibrance of the city, but also the classic elegance of the hotel they stayed in. Although I haven’t stayed at the Hotel Majestic, I did visit Barcelona back when I was doing my foundation Art Diploma, so I can vouch for it’s vibrancy.

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial is now the signature fragrance for Hotel Majestic in Barcelona. I wanna visit, just to see if the scent for wearing is the same as the way the hotel smells.

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial Fragrance Review

The presentation of Musc Impérial is along the same lines as the majority of Atelier Cologne’s fragrances. The box is a textured cardboard, and features information about the fragrance in both English and French.

The clear bottle is the same size and shape as the other scents, with a cap that’s wrapped in a leatherette. The variation in presentation from Atelier Cologne is through the labelling. They all follow the same formula and design, but Musc Impérial is wrapped in an embossed chrome affair, which helps to add to the glamour of the experience.

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial Fragrance Review

I had no idea what to expect before spraying Musc Impérial, so to say I found it surprising would be an understatement! I expected a dusty woody musky fragrance due to the name, but what I got was a fresh fruity blast in the face! The main note is definitely Blackcurrant, and I never expected it as a note, let alone a note I like! There’s also a good amount of Bergamot, which is one of my favourite fragrance notes.

As it dries down, you get the leathery elements coming through, but I do find the fruitiness is maintained. I’d say if you like Creed Aventus, you’ll definitely like Musc Impérial, and I actually prefer it. I find Aventus to be a little bit too in your face at times, whereas this to me has a more natural vibe to it.

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial is already one of my new favourites, and I think it’s perfect for transitional seasons. It’s a bit too heavy for the baking hot summers, and not dark enough for the cold British winters. For Autumn and spring, it’s perfect, and I can see me making a huge dent in this bottle over the next couple of months!

Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial Fragrance Review

Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Spanish Clary Sage, Blackcurrant

Middle Notes: Lavender from Provence, Andalusian Fig, Leather Accord

Base notes: Indian Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Virginia Cedar Wood