Fragrance Review - Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Review

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme was the first mens fragrance launched by the house back in 1971. Wanting to challenge the traditional notions of masculinity, Yves Saint Laurent chose to pose nude for the advertising campaign. Magnum photographer Jeanloup Sieff shot 14 images of the iconic designer sitting on leather cushions wearing nothing but his eye glasses. All this coincided with Saint Laurent’s unveiling of his 1940’s collection, which shocked the fashion world and probably paved the way for many of todays designers.

A complete blind buy from TK Maxx for a super bargain price, all I had to go by were the notes. On this occasion, the notes are actually stamped onto the side of the bottle, which is the first time I’ve seen that. Being a fragrance from 47 years ago, Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme has undoubtedly had reformulations, although I don’t know how many or when, let alone how close to the original this current iteration is. It’s definitely had some presentation changes over the years, however.

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Nude by Jean Loup Sieff

This new presentation is a classic, yet classy affair. The deep muted red and silver against the embossed black packaging is simple yet eye catching. It looks modern, and far more appropriate for todays audience than the bright red glossy box the original came in.

Inside the box, we have yet more of that premium aesthetic. The bottle is a solid glass with a good weight to it. The typography stamped onto the outside, and is clean and unfussy. As I mentioned before, it’s rare for fragrance notes to be stamped onto the outside, but definitely a welcome addition. I love the juxtaposition of the cap at a perpendicular angle to the bottle. It continues the idea that this is a classic fragrance, but different.

Eagle eyed people will spot Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme in the bathroom cabinet of Patrick Bateman (Chrstian Bale) in American Psycho (2000) as part of the shower scene.

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Review
Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Review

The main thing I get in the opening of Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme is a blast of lemon, combined with patchouli. After a few minutes, a hint of soapiness comes through. After an hour or so it turns into a really nice woody oak moss affair. This is probably the greenest of all the fragrances I own, and is the epitome of a chypre.

It took me a while between buying this and wearing it, mainly due to buying it at the height of summer. I did give it a bit of a spray, and wasn’t immediately blown away by it. That being said, now it’s on my skin, I’m really enjoying it. I definitely think it’s one for the cooler weather, and with the oak moss, I’d probably say this will be one I reach for regularly on those rainy days the UK is known for.

This is a classic masculine fragrance, but not in an overpowering way such as scents like Lapidus Pour Homme, which can be overbearing. This in essence does what Yves Saint Laurent set out to do. It’s masculine, but for men who are confident in themselves without feeling the need to exert it on others.

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Review

Top Notes: Amalfi Lemon, Citruses, Petitgrain and Mint

Middle Notes: Oak Moss

Base Notes: Patchouli

American Psycho
Starring Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Josh Lucas, Chloë Sevigny, Reese Witherspoon