Top 5 Winter Fragrances For Men in 2018

Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather

When it comes to fragrance, I’ve always been a fresh citrussy kind of guy. Aquatic accords and bergamot notes have always formed the backbone of what I would wear daily. The thing is, whilst they work really well during the summer months, once the nights draw in and the weather turns cold, they just don’t have the same feel.

My winter fragrance wardrobe is rather limited, but I do have 5 fragrances that I’m going to be rotating through for different occasions for the next few months. There are a few I don’t own as of yet, that would probably make this list, but I like to keep things real and showcase what I’m genuinely going to wear this winter. 


Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme

Living in London, you have to accept that it rains here, and usually once it starts, it sets in for the whole day. Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme is a great fragrance for those really wet rainy London days. It’s the greenest of all the fragrances I own, with notes of Oak Moss, but still having a blast of citrus from Amalfi Lemon in the top.

It’s an elegant, classic fragrance, and probably not for anyone under 25, but definitely worth a try.


Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather Guerlain Héritage

As you can imagine, Guerlain Héritage is another classic mens fragrance, although I think this one can probably be worn by all ages. It’s a light woody fragrance, that could probably work all year round, but I particularly like it during the transitional period, when the leaves have turned golden, and the nights are drawing in.

There note breakdown is extensive, so I recommend checking out my full review here.


Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather Dior Fahrenheit

Dior Fahrenheit is a super classic men’s fragrance, and is basically Leather in a bottle. It’s the first thing I think to reach for whenever I’m putting on a leather jacket. It’s one of the sexier scents in my collection, and it’s performance on my skin is pretty awesome.

It’s a complex fragrance, that is great for the evening, or if you want to compliment a leather jacket. I have to go easy on the sprays, as it can be quite strong if you go over the top.


Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather Zara Tobacco Collection Rich/Warm/Addictive

Zara’s Rich/Warm/Addictive from the Tobacco Collection really surprised me. Firstly, it’s from a high street clothing retailer. Secondly, it’s so not what I’d traditionally wear, but yet I really love it. Thirdly, it’s dirt cheap, so if you see it, definitely grab it. 

This is basically a warm sweet fragrance that feels like a cuddle. It’s got hints of tobacco, but more of a woody vanilla vibe. It’s lasts fairly well, given the price, so well worth picking up and trying out. 


Top 5 Autumn Winter Fragrances for the Colder Weather Atelier Cologne Musc Impérial

Musc Impérial by Atelier Cologne is one of my favourite fragrance right now, and can totally be worn all year round, however, during the summer, I prefer more citrusy notes. This, whilst still being fruity, has a blackcurrant vibe that is not only unique, but gets me ridiculous amounts of compliments.

I wear this all day, all night, in any weather, on any occasion!