New Years Resolution #1

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I have a live hate relationship with New Years resolutions... They’re often far too grand and sustainable to have any chance of lasting much beyond January. However, I do think it’s good to be self critical and take time to identify things you could work on to improve yourself... although it’s kind of dumb to wait until January to make these improvements! 

With all that being said, I have found myself with several New Years resolutions for some reason. I think in some ways, the downtime over Christmas and New Years gives the opportunity for reflection, and in doing so, it’s natural to come up with things to work on. 

The first change I’m going to make is more of a strategy than anything else. I spend a lot of time at home editing, and I’m in the process of making my East London flat into a comfy welcoming and relaxing space. Unfortunately, this often makes me thoroughly unproductive, and prone to naps if I spend too much time on or near my sofa. It also makes it a real challenge to generate instagram content, due to always being in overly familiar surroundings. It also isn’t great for the daily step count!

My new plan is to be far more nomadic in my work lifestyle. I’ve decided to embrace the coffee shop life even more than I have been, and rather than sit in one for most of the day, I’m going to go exploring and have a cup in a few different ones. This will give me far more varied coffee shots for Instagram, and also burn way more calories than sitting at home.  

Today being January 1st, I’ve been to two today. The first was Jonestown in Bethnal Green. I’m now sitting in Holy Shot at the top of Brick Lane having put the world to rights with a woman from New Zealand who is a regular. I’ve also racked up 3km of walking, so definitely starting to burn off some of the Christmas overindulgence 😂. 

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As I said before, this is more of a strategy than a resolution. It’s a strategy that will help me be more active, more productive, and at the same time, generate more lifestyle content for social media.

So it’s basically a win win win really!