Star Wars : The Last Jedi Review

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Let’s get something out of the way right now... I’m a massive huge geek for Star Wars! I grew up in the 80s when it was all new. Lightsabers and Jedi are things very close to my heart, and Luke Skywalker, the farm boy from Tatooine, is a legend! 

I could literally talk about Star Wars for hours. I love the fan theories and ideas as much as I love the movies and animated series themselves! I realise this probably makes me sad and tragic in some people’s eyes, but I am who I am! 

With the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, we’ve been super lucky to have had a new Star Wars movie every December for the past 3 years, and because I’m super lazy and unorganised, I never get tickets on opening weekend. This means I wait until December 27th for my birthday to go to the cinema. I now have 3 years experience honing my talent for avoiding spoilers! It’s not been easy!!! 

This year saw the release of Episode 8 in the saga, and part 2 in the current trilogy, ‘The Last Jedi’. After ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’, I’ve been super excited for the new movie, especially after seeing the trailer...

Admittedly, I prefer the trailer for ‘The Force Awakens’, but that was more due to the ambiguity and unanswered questions from the new trailer, rather than just being an audio/visual hype fest!

This year, I was taken on a surprise trip a few days before Christmas. I had no idea where I was going, other than I was going to love it. Turns out we were going to the cinema to watch ‘The Last Jedi’, but it wasn’t just any cinema... it was at Pinewood studios... where Star Wars is actually filmed!!!!!!! 

Pinewood Studios Star Wars The Last Jedi Screening Review Movie
Pinewood Studios Star Wars The Last Jedi Screening Review Movie
Pinewood Studios Star Wars The Last Jedi Screening Review Movie

Now in reality, the cinema is just a cinema, albeit with way comfier seats than usual.... but... the sheer fact that I was at Pinewood made it feel soooooo much more special!

If you haven’t yet seen the movie, there are going to be spoilers from this point, so consider this your spoiler warning!!!! 

Pinewood Studios Star Wars The Last Jedi Screening Review Movie

I enjoyed TLJ... a lot, but like most people there were bits I wasn’t a fan of, but if I’m honest, I could say that about any of the previous Star Wars movies. I also finished the movie with a small amount of disappointment, but in reality, I don’t think that was down to the movie, but more to do with my expectations. The movie didn’t do what I expected, but on reflection, I think what it did is actually better for Star Wars!

So what didn’t I like? I hated Leia’s force flying through space! I mean I was sooooo happy she didn’t die at that point, but I would have preferred if she’d created some sort of force bubble around her. It just took me out of the movie too much. Maybe it was just the CGI, but I really disliked the way they did it. On the subject of stupid CGI... what the hell was Rey’s hall of mirrors thing all about? That looked dumb too, and also took me out of the movie. 

We should probably also talk about the disappointment of Phasma again. I mean she was better than in TFA, but I just feel that unless they do something with her in a stand-alone movie, she’s just going to be forever a wasted opportunity. 

The final thing that I really wasn’t happy with at the time, was the death of Luke! Han Solo I wasn’t too bothered by. Sure it was a shock, but I knew that Harrison Ford wanted to kill off the character, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected. But with Luke, I honestly didn’t see it coming, and I think that’s the main reason I felt disappointment at the end of the movie... the hero of my childhood had just been killed off! 

With all that being said, I did love most of the movie. I thought the opening space battle was amazing, the character development of Rey and Kylo was awesome, and as the middle part of a trilogy I think that TLJ has really given JJ Abrams an amazing setup for the finale!

The thing that this movie has done for me better than any other Star Wars movie, is that this one gave me way more of an emotional ride! From the excitement of Poe handbrake turning an X-Wing, to the shock of Luke tossing his dad’s lightsaber over his shoulder. The awww at Porgs, and eeewww at milking Thala-Sirens (apparently that’s what they’re called!) Seeing Luke embrace Leia for the final time before winking at C-3PO as he went out to face the First Order alone with a ‘laser sword’, and then finally as he faded into the force in front of twin setting suns with the force theme playing. This movie really took me through it emotionally, and I’m thankful for that.

There’s been a shit storm of controversy surrounding ‘The Last Jedi’. Having had time to digest the movie and really consider what’s happened, I’m actually beginning to like it more and more... despite having only seen it once so far! 

Firstly, it was unexpected, it wasn’t a re-hash of Empire Strikes Back. It took characters in different directions and introduced new lore. It also did what needed to be done, and as much as it pains me to say it... I kinda think Luke had to die. He would have been far too over powered and strong in the force and would have effectively nullified the First Order, purely from existing, so I think the way they killed him off was the best case scenario for the saga. Especially because we know he’s likely to return as a force ghost to continue training Rey.

Now a couple of observations and theories I noticed... gradually through the film, they stopped using the word ‘resistance’ and changed to ‘rebels’. I found this very interesting in relation to the whole ‘let the past die’ thing. I also don’t think Snoke is dead. He would have seen what Kylo was doing and stopped it. Additionally, he sliced through both Snoke and Luke in the same way. We know Luke wasn’t really there, so who’s to say that Snoke was? He could have been projecting himself as well. We know director Rian Johnson loves misdirection, so I imagine a lot of what we think we’ve seen, we haven’t really, but I guess it’s down to episode 9 and JJ Abrams to give us the pay off. 

Can’t believe we’re gonna have to wait 2 years for that payoff!!!


What did you think of The Last Jedi? Do you have any favourite bits or things you hated? Do you have any theories about what will happen in episode 9? Where does TLJ rank in your list of favourite Star Wars movies? Leave a comment below!

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