What I’m Learning About This Month

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I always think it’s important to have a curious mind. Anyone that knows me has probably been bored by my endless supply of largely useless facts and trivia. It pains me to say it, but I’m ‘that guy’ 🤦🏻‍♂️. 

I love learning, it’s definitely my ‘thing’. I don’t really like studying or being tested in a formal context, but learning, hearing about, and seeing how things work makes me happy. Last year, my big thing was learning about how the human body works in relation to nutrition, which led me on to learning about hormones and the endocrine system. A while back I learned about latte art and milk foam. I really like etymology and learning about the history of words, and how they came to be. I think it’s important to know something about everything. I’m by no means an expert on any of this stuff... more of an amateur enthusiast 😂 

Well my latest obsession is all about fragrance. For my entire life, I’ve been a very typical man when it comes to how I smell. Anti-perspirant under my arms, and an eau de toilette on my neck... typically the same one for years and years and years on every occasion, season, time of day etc etc etc. 

Last year I finally had enough of hearing a persistent comment from every woman I hugged.... “are you wearing Issey Miyake? That reminds me of my ex boyfriend!” 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is never a good thing for a girl to be thinking of another man every time you get close to her. It was time for a change! 

Whilst on a trip with a bunch of bloggers, Lydia Millen took me to Duty Free to find a new scent. We settled on the newly released Sauvage by Dior, although to this day, I still can’t not think of the ‘sausage’ meme 😂

Sauvage Dior Sausage Parody Johnny Depp Funny

This became my new scent... and everyone loved it. The ex-boyfriend comparisons stopped... at least for a while. You see the problem with having one fragrance, especially when it’s a designer one, is that they tend to become very popular, and then lots of people wear them, ergo you smell the same as everyone. 

Earlier this year, I was sent a bottle of Diesel’s new ‘Bad Intense’. It was a bit more spicey than the Sausage, but was a nice change. This became my new smell, until about a month ago when I fell down one of my regular YouTube holes...

I’m a huge fan of the YouTube algorithm from a viewer perspective. The suggested videos really seem to play into my curiosity. (Although someone once got me to watch a flat earth video and YouTube then spent 3 months thinking I believed the world was no longer round 🤦🏻‍♂️). I was watching videos about tailoring, and specifically Savile Row, and the next video that popped up was all about fragrance. I was fascinated at, not only the amount of thought that goes into it, but the terminology and ingredients! I’m still blown away by where Ambergris comes from! 🤢😲 

Hearing people talk about things like ‘top notes’, dry down and being able to articulate all these layers from a smell had me captivated, so I kept watching. I then found YouTube channels and websites people reviewing different fragrances, and not just from the perspective of good or bad, but referencing other similar products from the past and even cheaper clones for the more expensive brands. It was like I’d found a whole world that I never knew existed before.

Coincidentally, I was invited to a fragrance launch last week. (I once had a date with a girl who said “coincidences are the universes way of telling you you’re doing the right things”. That stuck with me, even if she didn’t 😂). It was for Shay & Blue’s new fragrance ‘Black Tulip’, but they had several of their other scents to experience. Yet another coincidence was that the owner of the brand, Dom de Vetta, was on one of the documentaries I’d watched, talking about where ambergris comes from!

Shay & Blue Black Tulip Fragrance launch event Blue
Elysium Roja Dove Eau de Cologne Parfum Parfums Niche Fragrance

Over time, I’m hoping to increase my collection of fragrances (and also my vocabulary so I can use words other than fragrance or scent! 🤦🏻‍♂️). I want to understand which notes in particular I gravitate towards, and in which situations and then build a capsule collection with some occasional statement scents.

I’m definitely still a novice at all this, and I’m struggling to detect a lot of the notes in things that are listed, but I’m having fun with it. It’s also made me want to increase the variety of scents I wear, and to start smelling right for the occasion as much as I would want to be dressed for it.

What are you wearing at the moment? Girls... what are your favourite men’s fragrances right now?