Guess who’s back!

Literally have Eminem in my head after writing that heading! Although whilst I don’t think I’m ‘shady’, I’m definitely a lot slimmer than I was when I last blogged.... but more on that in another post! 

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Anywho.... welcome to my new old blog. Apparently I haven’t blogged since 2013, so it’s been a while, but I’ve decided to revisit the idea of my own platform to share a bit of my life, some of my thoughts, and just generally create a little bit of an online journal again.

I’ve managed to dig out my old blog archive and upload it to my current site, so at least I have some content already as a base to work from. Gonna be interesting to see how blogging in 2017 will compare to when I used to do it. Being in photos wasn’t really a thing back then, so that’s already one noticeable difference. 

Watch this space!


Wearing: Hat by River Island; Sunglasses by Trussardi; T-shirt and Rucksack by Topman; Watch by Timex; Jeans by Uniqlo; Shoes by H&M; Camera by OlympusPhoto credit: Stylonylon