Unexpected Face Care Shopping

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I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to my skincare. From time to time, I will buy products and use them religiously for about a week, but eventually stop. Part of this is due to my own laziness, but also due to my skin not really liking too much in the way of creams etc.

Well last night I was the victim of social media advertising, and the epicness of modern technology and services 😂. Minding my own business on my sofa swiping as I often do, with laid back lounge music playing in the background, I saw an advert for L’Oreal’s new Barber Club range of men’s products. I don’t know what happened, but I was immediately compelled to go on Amazon and buy them! What’s even crazier is that I used Amazon Now, so they came within a couple of hours! This is the future, I’m telling you!

Now I’m not usually that easily influenced. I photograph things for advertising, so I know the tricks. I can’t even remember if I saw the ad on Instagram or Twitter! Haha 😆  

Anyway, I actually really like the products. They really easily absorbed into the skin, and are more of an oil rather than a cream, which I prefer. The thing I like most is the fragrance though. Instead of having the usual slightly chemically smell that most products I’ve used in the past have had, these have been scented with things like cedarwood, which gives a really nice masculine experience. Definitely feels like these products have been designed for men, rather than for women, but with dark packaging.

Time will tell how long I keep up this new skin care regime, but I’ll keep you updated!


I bought all products from Amazon UK, using their Amazon Now service...