Betty Magazine Cover

Betty Magazine Cover Jay McLaughlin Pippa Melody Afro Summer Floral

After what seems like an age, the new issue of Betty Magazine is now available. The other night I was at the launch party and grabbed a copy. I'm so pleased with this photoshoot. It was one of those shoots that was just effortless, where everything just went better than planned.

We were staying at Mad Dogs & Vintage Vans 'glamping' site, and using it as our backdrop. The plan was to get there late afternoon, shoot maybe 2 looks, and then do the bulk of the work the following day. Well, we just kept shooting... golden hour seemed to just go on forever and the light just got more and more beautiful by the minute. We ended up doing the entire editorial before dinner, leaving only the cover shot for the following morning, which we chose to do in front of the giant peonies that happened to be growing there. This really was a magical photoshoot, and definitely right up my street in terms of aesthetic.