It finally happened!

Framed Prints

It finally happened! After the best part of a year agonising over which photos to put on my wall, I actually have pictures in frames!!!

I'm one of the biggest procrastinators. Not because I waste time and put things off, but because I like to get things right first time. Unfortunately, this can often be at the expense of doing something at all! Check out my blog on the perfect copper coin tin to see what I mean!

Anyway, I digress. So yesterday I was at Focus on Imaging at the NEC, giving a seminar presentation for Hasselblad. Before I went, I was reminded that Epson have a stand and often do free prints to showcase their printers and paper. I suddenly had to make a decision on which images to take! I put up a little blog with a very cut down selection from my original post, to try and get some opinions. I also asked a few friends and managed to get 4 images that would work well enough together on my kitchen wall.

So I set off for Birmingham with a USB stick with some high res TIF's on, and shortly after finishing my seminar, I went over to the Epson stand to see if they could help out with some prints.

The Epson stand at Focus

As well as the images for my kitchen, I also took the image files I'd chosen for my bedroom, although I didn't want to take the piss, so stuck with just the ones for the kitchen... after all, they are the biggest! haha

Rather large Epson Printer

Epson had there entire offering of printers on display, including this rather mammoth sized Stylus Pro 7890 SpectroProofer, and samples of their inkjet paper range. My prints were printed onto their new 260gsm Premium Luster Photo Paper which is a really awesome paper that really delivers amazing results.

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

It's always nice to stand there and see your images coming our of a printer. We live in an age where not enough photographs ever make it onto a hard copy, which is a shame. There's always something about holding a photo in your hands that gives it an extra value... it becomes far more special!


And there we have it, finally, my kitchen wall is no longer some sort of strange conceptual art installation. It actually features some of my work! In time I will probably change them for newer images. I'm almost certainly going to play around with the order of them, but at least I've filled the frames!

Framed Prints



Since putting pictures up in the kitchen, I've now also filled the rest of the frames around my flat!

San Francisco
Jasper Conran AW13
City streets