Taking back control

Olympus OM Adapter MF-2

One of my pet hates when using a lot of modern digital cameras is that unlike their film counterparts from 20+ years ago, quite often they feel like computers with lenses on the front. It's like you push a button and then electronic wizardry happens and a photo appears. I much prefer the sound of a mechanical kerchunk of a shutter and the ratchety sound of film being wound on. Shooting on film makes me feel like it's really me that's taking the photo, and not the camera.

In an attempt to take back a little bit of control and make myself feel like more of the photographic process, I got hold of an MF-2 adaptor for the Olympus OM-D. What this allows me to do is use all the old OM lenses on the OM-D. Now the first reason for doing this is that the optics are awesome, but another reason is that I now have to manually set the aperture on the lens, and do all the focussing manually too. Ok, so it's still attached to the front of electronic wizardry, but it's a start!

So why am I making things harder for myself? New modern lenses are now superfast and accurate at auto focussing, so surely this is just silly? Well, maybe, but sometimes I want to enjoy the act of taking a photograph. Obviously the picture at the end is the important bit, but I personally feel that the advances in technology are taking away from the craft of making an image. On a similar note, I'm seriously considering buying a fountain pen!

When I create something, I want it to be created by me, not a machine.