Simple Saturday pleasures

Brunchfast to go!

One of the things I love about living where I do, is that within walking distance of my flat, I have access to so much good produce. I'm a big advocate of supporting local business and trade, and I genuinely believe that you get a far superior product! Granted, I'm still waiting for someone to open a good butcher, but despite that, Saturday mornings have now become my regular weekly food shop.In addition to buying all my fresh fruit and veg, one of my favourite things on a saturday morning is to stop by OFM at the Roman Road market for a proper sausage and egg muffin. These things are seriously good. The guys there offer sparkling chat on even the coldest of days, and then serve up a 'brunchfast' that's full of tasty local goodness!

I'm serious when I say if you're ever in the East End on a saturday, grab a muffin from OFM... Your mouth will love you forever!