Procrastination and the problem of the perfect tin

Copper Coin Tin

It's funny how sometimes a small thing can trigger a dramatic change in how you live your life. It all started when I decided to clear my desk. I'm generally a tidy person, provided things have a place. As long as something has a place, I will always put it in that place. Unfortunately, if something is yet to be given a place, it will end up in a pile, with other placeless things, until such time as I find them a home, or through the whole lot in the bin.

So basically I had loads of piles of copper coins lying around my flat. The vast majority of them were on my desk. I hate carrying copper coins. They're no good for anything, so I always leave them at home, collecting in stacks, often getting knocked over. I knew I needed to do something with them, not least because they bugged me whenever I looked at them, so I went out to get a tin to put them in. Trouble is, as with everything I do, I wanted it to be done right. I blame my parents. From an early age, I remember phrases like 'if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well', and such like. I hate having to go back and redo things over and over, so will often take more time over things to make sure I don't have to. The net result of this is that I ended up stressing about finding the perfect copper coin tin!

So out I went, to the place I thought was bound to have what I wanted, but no. Sure they had tins... lots of tins, but none were anything like what I had in my head. Not that I really had much of a clue what that actually looked like! But then, out of nowhere, I had a eureka moment... It's just a fucking tin!!! Seriously!!! I really can't believe how much time I waste worrying about such trivial matters!

So I bought the first tin I saw. It's not what was in my head. It's probably not the most masculine tin at all, but you know what? It's fine! It does the job! It's solved my copper coin problem for now, and if I see a better tin I'll replace it. But for now it works. In fact, I'll probably end up keeping it for 20 years or so, and over time it'll probably become the 'perfect tin', simply by living on my shelf and giving a home to all the annoying copper coins that would otherwise irritate me by sitting on my desk.

So that was my life changing moment... It's all very well trying to be a perfectionist, or finding the perfect thingbut not if it gets in the way of actually doing the thing at all. Next up, is to actually put some pictures on my wall!