2012 retrospective, and looking ahead

Olympus OM-D Events Workshop BTS

Well here we are, another year ends, and another begins, and wow, what a year! I often find myself feeling like I'm not moving ahead, but when I take the time to stop and look around at where I've come from, I really am moving, and at a pretty good rate!

So what happened in 2012? I got a whole host of new clients, as well as maintaining my existing ones. I did a lot of soul searching about what makes me tick, and what I'm aiming to achieve in my work. A landmark event was moving to East London, into my own flat (although I still can't decide which photos to put on the walls!). I've always said, that one of my goals is to be paid to travel the world taking photographs, and two trips to Germany and one to San Francisco were certainly highlights! I also taught my first photography workshop for Olympus, which was extremely well received!

So what of 2013? More of the same please! I want to expand my list of clients. I want to do a few more workshops and I definitely want to travel more!

One of my big goals is to establish more relationships with more creatives. The best ideas come when you surround yourself with positive, creative people, so this year I plan to collaborate and network and build relationships and friendships with lots of like minded people.

As far as personal work goes, I want to work on and actually complete at least 3 projects. I've started too many in the past that haven't had a finite end, so I definitely want to change that. I'd also like to put together some sort of exhibition towards the end of the year too, possibly showcasing one of the aforementioned projects.

Other than that, the rest of my resolutions are the usual ones, of eat more healthily, do more exercise and win the lottery! So here's to a new year! Lets hope its full of awesomeness!

Here's a small selection of work from 2012...