Photokina 2012

So literally 2 hours after getting home from my final engagement at London Fashion Week, I was up and getting ready for my trip to Cologne, Germany for Hasselblad.

After getting to Stansted I tucked into an awesome pancake breakfast, where Mark from Hasselblad presented me with a small gift of an Olympus OM book he found at a car boot sale... Thanks Mark!

Shortly after having a delightful photography chat with one of the waitresses who had just finished studying, we headed off to board our Germanwings flight to Köln. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sit in the best seats on the plane, but it was a pleasant flight none the less.

Considering there was only 2 of us on this trip, I was amused at how 2 men needed 9 bags despite not needing to bring lots of shoes and hair straighteners hahahaha!

After landing, we headed straight to Photokina, and after a brief tour of the Hasselblad stand, we mad our way to the staffroom to set up our editing suite.

The week was pretty intense with lots of stuff to get done, especially in the first couple of days with the launch of the new Lunar camera. I did have a lot of fun though, and there was lots to see and do.

I also picked up the new Olympus PEN Lite (E-PL5) camera ahead of it's release next month which was nice, and on the back of that, got to attend the Olympus party on the wednesday night! :)

It's always a pleasure to work with prestigious brands such as Hasselblad, who make such amazing equipment. It was also exciting to get to see new products ahead of their launch when they're surrounded in secrecy!

A new thing for me was to make a video in Japanese. Not speaking more than a couple of words myself, made it quite a challenge. Thankfully, Miho Comuro did a great job on her first screen appearance.

Towards the end of the week, I got chance to see the rest of the show, which is truly massive! There was all sorts to see and do from models, ferrari's and performers, to birds of prey, water fountains and giant globes hanging from the ceiling. We also managed to get to sample some Germanic culinary delights such as blutwurst and sauerkraut. Our final night also included one of my favourite desserts... Apfelstrudel! :)

Cologne is a beautiful city, with an amazing cathedral. At night it often has bats circling the twin spires, lit up by the flood lights surrounding it. It's an awesome sight.

Anyway, I've posted all the photos below. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and I also bought some new aftershave... I was in Cologne after all! ;)