Green Clean

Green Clean Sensor Cleaning at Photokina 2012

One of the problems I face as someone who takes a lot of photos and changes lenses on my cameras fairly frequently is sensor dust. Thankfully, my Olympus OM-D is pretty good on dust due to the smaller sensor than my Hasselblad, which can be a nightmare, but recently I noticed several spots on my images.

Thankfully, whilst at Photokina last week, I passed by a stand who were more than happy to give my little camera the once over. I hate cleaning my camera's sensors. I have a severe paranoia about scratching them. I've been told it's easy, but I have scratched the sensor on my Hasselblad before, so I'd rather not take any chances and leave it to the professionals!

Wolfgang Heiler of Green Clean did an amazing job on my OM-D, especially considering he did it without being in a sealed dust free environment. My images are now super clean and spot free. Their sensor cleaning kits are available online through their store, and as far as I can tell, although being based in Austria, they ship to the UK.

For more information, check out their website at