London2012 Olympics

I'll be honest... I really wasn't overly interested in the London2012 Olympics a month ago. The same goes for most of my friends. In fact, a few of them left London to escape the Olympics, and several told me I was mad to be moving to East London just before the games started!

Well, I have to say, I was totally hooked! I think I first got excited about it after I saw the Olympic Torch relay the weekend before. It kind of made it a bit more real. It was the Opening Ceremony that really set the tone though!

Living near Victoria Park, meant that I was able to watch on the big screens, surrounded by tens of thousands of people cheering and singing. Plus, as we were so close to the Olympic Park itself, we got to watch the Queen and James Bond make their entrance from the helicopter after it flew over our heads. We also got the firework display framing the massive video screen!

I went to the park a few more times during the games to watch. The following day, I even stumbled across the cycling road race in Chelsea whilst on my way to a meeting. After that, I found myself watching random Olympic events on the tv at any given opportunity!

Of course I would have loved to have actually gone to the Olympic Park. Even just to wander around and see it before they take it apart, but I just couldn't get tickets. Even the Paralympic tickets are eluding me!