Friday Night Chinese : Update #1

Anyone who knows me (or has followed me on twitter for any length of time) will know how much I love a good chinese, and for me, friday night is chinese night. I blogged about it before, but having moved 65 miles from my traditional purveyor of chinese culinary excellence, I needed to find a new source of friday night goodness!

On a recommendation, tonight's dinner was delivered piping hot courtesy of Michael's in Whitechapel. Instant plus points go to online ordering and scheduled delivery. First thing I needed to get to grips with, was the different menu. Well I say, different menu, my regular meal actually contained szechaun duck, which was never actually on the menu, but made especially for me... I eat that much chinese that I can make up dishes!

So tonight I went with as close to my regular choices as possible. I may get adventurous next time though haha! So tonights dinner was szechaun chicken, deep fried crispy beef and egg fried rice. As well as being delivered piping hot, the portion size was generous. Taste-wise, the crispy beef was good, but not quite as good as I'm used to. The szechaun chicken on the other hand, was really good. Lots of crunchy water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. There was also just enough chilli to make my nose run by the end haha.

So Michael's has done well for a first attempt! Will have to see what next week is like!