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We all have a website, it's a given, but what happens if your website goes down? This has just happened to me, through no fault of my own. My web host have managed to screw everything up during a server transfer and now I'm unable to gain FTP access to my webspace. Not ideal! I'm in the process of setting up with a new hosting company following the inability by my hosting provider to rectify the situation, but thats not the main problem. The main problem is that I currently have no website now, and that doesn't exactly help me get work.

So what happens if someone wants to find me? Well in the meantime, I've managed to put up a holding page, which is better than nothing, but it got me thinking about what if people want to see my work? I'm currently in a copyright infringement battle with someone via Facebook (they think my work is theirs, and I think differently), so I have minimal work on Facebook having had it removed via a DMCA infringement order. The only other work I have online is on my Photo Diary, which isn't really representative of my commercial work and how I make a living.

We all, at least we should, have backups of our work and data. Things go down, break, corrupt etc, so it's important to have safeguards to protect against any loss of business. So why don't we do the same with our websites? I'm not talking about a duplicate website. What I mean is a mini backup site with selected work and contact details that you can point people to in the event that something goes wrong with your host. It'll probably never get used, but right now, I'm regretting not having one.

People often talk about "professional cameras" and that's usually attributed to their size. I would argue that as professionals, it's more about having backups. Professional is about being able to complete the job even when equipment breaks or things go wrong. That might be because you had a spare camera or lens, or because you had the experience or knowledge to work around the problem. Either way, it's important to consider the various things that can go wrong and prevent you from doing your work, and then work out what you need to do to be able to carry on regardless.