How long before now is retro?

I've been looking at a lot of the cool images that inspire me and trying to work out what it is about them that I like. As many of you know, I love a lot of the photography from some of the great fashion photographers like Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton. Due to the time these guys were working, a lot of their images have a really great retro vibe to them... something I'm seeing replicated a lot in the fashion mags today.

What I've been wondering though is, when will the mundane of today be the retro cool of tomorrow? Rather than searching out vintage looks and locations from 20 or 30 years ago, shouldn't I be shooting what's around me now? Or does it go deeper than just the look of the image, and that what we're really missing from modernity is the glamour and wonder from a bygone era?

So I suppose maybe I've answered my own question. Now might never be retro cool, because we're missing the thing that makes it cool. Alternatively, we might simply just like to look back with rose tinted glasses at years gone by, and only remember the good bits.

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