I'm gonna have a little rant, but I need to get this off my chest. I hate this modern obsession with abbreviating everything. People are far too lazy these days. I understand that 10 years ago, mobile phones only had number keypads, and that it took ages to type out text, but now we have qwerty keyboards on everything, so it's just lazy and stupid. My two biggest gripes from people shortening "photographer" and "portfolio" to "tog" and "port" respectively.

Photographer comes from "photon" which is a light particle, and "grapher", which is someone who draws. As photographers, we are using light to create images. A tog is a unit of thermal measurement used i determining how warm a duvet is... I am not a duvet!

A folio is a collection of work, in a photographers case, his best photographs. A portfolio is a portable version of his folio. Calling it a "port" is stupid. Ships don't dock in my work!

Abbreviating words to things that no longer have the right meaning shows a lack of knowledge and understanding, as well as laziness. These are both traits that have never been good for making people want to work with you. I wrote a blog a while back on image and branding. The words we use are as important as the way we look, and how we portray ourselves. Stupid lazy people don't usually get very far in life. Don't give people the chance to make those assumptions about you.