Inspiration : Holly Webber

Holly Webber Inspiration Cancer

Ok so, up until now, my "inspiration" blogs have been about photographers that inspire me. Well I was lucky to meet and shoot a truly inspirational person a couple of weeks ago. Holly Webber is one of those people you meet who has a true zest for life. She's happy and makes you smile.

So what makes her so inspirational? Well sure, she has the same trials and tribulations as any other 25 year old. In fact, as I write this, she's complaining of a cold, complete with "dripping nose". She has dreams of a house in the country, marriage and children. The kind of dreams anyone else might have. Unfortunately, in January 2010, Holly was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, and it's now terminal.

Holly Webber Inspiration Cancer

If you met Holly, you seriously wouldn't have a clue what she's going through. Her energy and spirit are awesome. Everyone moans and complains about so many things in life. Well Holly has shown me just how precious life can be... make the most of it!

Holly was diagnosed about 18 months ago, and at the time, only told her family and her 3 best friends. In her words, she "found it really hard to communicate what I was feeling, because it was so drastically alien to 'normal' life". It was only after she was told her cancer was terminal that she decided to open up and try and share all the things she's feeling and going through. Things that none of us can really comprehend.

Holly Webber Inspiration Cancer

Holly's blog is a real insight into her life. There's all her happiness and excitement about the things she's doing, combined with heart wrenching pleas for another chance at life.

I've taken this blog entry to give a little glimpse into why Holly is a real inspiration to me.

Top 5 Ingredients that make Life Beautiful

Family Friends Nature Music Art … but if it’s top 5, there is no room for cheese, cake or nintendo…essentials for me! Let’s make it top 10…

Family Friends Nature Music Art BEER (I almost forgot!) Cheese Cake Nintendo SUN - MOON - UNIVERSE - Brian Cox? er no. too far. Rolf Harris :) (although without the sun, the moon and the universe as a whole there would be no life to have this discussion…)

So next time life deals you a bad hand, and you get in a grump, spare a thought for Holly - the most awesomest person I've met!

Check out her blog, "Passing Cloud" here.

Update : 1st March 2012

Just heard from Holly about her progress. She's just out of hospital following a 3 day trial of a new experimental drug treatment. The cancer is still an ongoing battle, but she's determined to fight it. Her positivity is so inspiring! I wish I could be more like her!

Update : 31st August 2012

Unfortunately, Holly lost her battle and passed away yesterday. The world has lost a truly inspirational human being.

You can read the blog post from her family here.