Out : Écurie25 Launch

Écurie25 é25 Supercar Supercars Launch Event Silverstone Mercedes AMG SLS

There's no doubting that financially, times aren't what they once were. To most of us, supercars are the stuff of childhood dreams, being nothing more than a poster on a bedroom wall. Écurie25 is enabling that fantasy to become a bit more accessible.

As the longest established supercar club in the world, é25 gives it's members convenient access to some of the most desirable cars in the world. Based around a points system, members can take a car for the day, a weekend, or even longer, to allow you to live the dream at a fraction of the cost of owning a prestigious marque.

But there's so much more to é25 than just the ability to drive fancy cars. They organise events and get togethers, which can be anything from poker nights and golfing days, to the launch of a new supercar, or trips to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Yesterday saw the launch of their new Silverstone based clubhouse. As the home of British motor racing, it seems only fitting that the club should have a base there. With a selection of stunning cars on show, the event had a real buzz about it. There was a hog roast, wine, beer and cocktails to keep peoples spirits up. A full size F1 car simulator was also the source of much entertainment as guests were invited to try their hand as a race driver.

So if you want to live the dream, and have access to some of the worlds most desirable cars, but don't yet have the millionaire bank balance to pay for them. écurie25 might be a viable alternative.

For more information on écurie25, visit their website