Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials Olympus PEN E-PL1 Camera Apple iPhone 4 Oyster Card Burberry Crossbody Bag Business Cards iPod Shuffle Aviator Sunglasses Sandisk SD Card Sony Headphones EDC Everyday Carry

I get loads of emails asking about the gear I use on shoots whether it be camera, lighting or software, and how I use it on a job to create the image the client is after. Lately though, I've had a few people ask me about the stuff I take with me everywhere I go.

So on that basis I thought I'd take the a leaf from the fashion blogs' "what's in my bag" type posts and show you guys the stuff I tend to have with me at any given point in time and why.

I suppose as a photographer I should start with the camera. I think if you're going to call yourself a photographer, you should have a camera with you pretty much most of the time. Obviously, the cameras I use for work tend to be pretty big and heavy, so I use something a little smaller for day to day snap shots. The Olympus E-PL1 is an awesome little camera. It has all the functionality I need from a camera, and the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens is the perfect partner. I've customised my E-PL1 a little bit by way of a leather wrist strap from Gordy's camera straps, and added to the retro look with a cool leather skin on the front. The cool thing about a smaller camera is that they're unobtrusive. People change when they see a big camera. This is largely ignored. To go with the camera, I always have at least one extra SD card.

Yes, I admit it, I'm an Apple junkie! I currently have an iPhone 4 which I love. I also can't imagine life without my iPad. Funny that it's still something that no one really needs, and yet it's now an integral part of my life! To go with iPad, I also have the camera connection kit, so that if I need to get one of my Olympus images uploaded or emailed quickly I can do. For music, I have an iPod Shuffle. I could use my iPhone or iPad, but purely for battery purposes I wanted something separate. I never know what I wanna listen to anyway, so the Shuffle is the best option for me. Combined with a set of decent Sony headphones that completely block out the outside world, train/tube journeys are far more enjoyable!

Everything else is just the usual stuff. Business cards are essential! You never know who you might meet. I try and have some form of mints or gum to keep myself minty fresh. I go through sunglasses quite regularly. I'm favouring mirrored aviators at the moment. Before that I was big into Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Being a man, I have the luxury of being able to put most of this stuff in pockets, however, the iPad and camera usually go into crossbody bag from Burberry.

I hope this answers a few of your wonderings... I never realised I carried around so much stuff!