Out : London Fashion Week AW11 - A Precursor

London Fashion Week LFW

So here we go for a hardcore week of fashion shows, networking and parties! I blogged about my first experience of London Fashion Week back in September, and thanks to Lois Waller, this year I'm attending even more shows across the entire week!I've been thinking long and hard over the past couple of days about how to blog about the various shows I'm attending. I'm not a fashion writer, and my blog isn't a "fashion blog", although I am extremely interested in fashion and style... it helps to like what you take photos of!So rather than just emulate every other fashion blog out there and write about the various collections, I thought I would be different and simply post up my photos. After all, I'm a photographer right, and I've never been one for standing at the end of a runway shooting the same images as the next guy.

Yesterday I bought a new book by Iain R Webb. It's called "Postcards from the edge of the catwalk" and is a portfolio of photographs from 3 decades of Iain's career in fashion. It's full of candid photos, not just of the catwalk, but the people at the shows, the models, the glitterati, the locations, the shoes... it gives a totally different insight into the amazing world of fashion!

Postcards from the edge of the Catwalk

It's this book that's given me my inspiration for the images that I find interesting at the shows, and I hope you'll find some of my blogs over the next week as interesting as I find his!

Watch this space!