Top iPad Apps

I've had my iPad now for about a week and a half and can honestly say it's one of the most useful bits of kit I own. A few people have asked about which apps I've been using, so i thought I'd do a quick blog about my favourites.

Top iPad Apps Apple iOS Flipboard 

Flipboard is one of the first I downloaded. A friend showed it to me on his a couple of months ago and I loved it. What it does is take your Twitter and Facebook feeds and convert them into magazine type pages that you can flick through like a proper magazine. Images come up nice and big, and status updates are like pull out quotes. If someone posts a link to a webpage, flipboard uses that content to fill the page. The other cool thing about it is that you can still reply, comment, and "like" anything you see from within the flipboard app!

Top iPad Apps Apple iOS Fashion LFW Week London Milan Paris New York Designers Runway Shows Catwalk

I love fashion, and although i got to see some amazing shows at London Fashion Week, I'm not rich or successful enough to get in to the likes of Versace or Chanel and places like New York, Milan and Paris. In steps's amazing app. They get all the images of all the top shows in amazing full screen goodness... and often within a day of the show taking place! They also have videos of some of the shows, and behind the scenes interviews, and parties. Definitely a must for anyone that's into fashion!

Top iPad Apps Apple iOS MoodboardPro Moodboard Planning Inspiration

If you plan a lot of photoshoots like I do, Moodboard Pro is a great app. I use it to create mood boards that feature inspiration images, colour swatches and ideas that I can then save, email and take with me on shoots. I now do a lot of planning on my iPad, and because of it's portability, I can easily have it with me on a shoot.

Top iPad Apps Apple iOS BlogPress Blogging Blogger Blogspot

I mentioned BlogPress in an earlier blog, but it deserves another mention. It's the only real app out at the moment of writing this that i can use with Blogger, but it does work very well. The thing i like most is that i can save drafts. This means if I get an idea for a blog, I can open up a new blog and save it for later, or add to it bit by bit. It's also meant that I can blog on the move, which makes train journeys or hotel rooms far more productive than they used to be!

Top iPad Apps Apple iOS Hasselblad Phocus Photography

Finally, i want to give special mention to an app that isn't even out yet! Hasselblad have just announced a mobile version of their Phocus Software. This should allow clients to view images wirelessly from a tethered Hasselblad camera, something that is a very desirable thing to be able to offer.