IPhone Revisited


Last year I blogged about iPhones and how they've become one of the most widely used pieces of photographic equipment in use today. I love my iPhone and take photos with it pretty much every day. The question I'm probably asked most often by photographers is which app I use on my iPhone to edit my images.

For a while I was a massive fan of Hipstamatic. For most people this is the easiest way to create really cool looking retro effects. The problem i have with Hipstamatic though, is that it's just too damned slow! So for me, it's just not that useful for day to day image making. So what do i use as an alternative?

My app of the moment is reasonably cheap app, named "PictureShow". With this I use the standard iPhone camera to take the images, and then edit them afterwards... in a similar workflow to the way I would create images with my "proper" camera.

PictureShow has loads of effects that can be applied. You can nails add light leaks, noise and vignettes. It also add text and various frames and then publish the finished images to most of the usual social networking sites.

I hope this helps all those of you who have been asking. Anymore questions you have about the things i do, and how I do them, just email me@jaymclaughlin.co.uk.