Old Skool Cool

Polaroid 636 Closeup Camera Vintage Instant

I picked up a new toy this week from Ebay. I've always loved Polaroid cameras, despite never having owned one. During their heyday, when I was growing up, my parents always told me they were too expensive, so I had always used 35mm film.

I love the look and feel of a polaroid photograph. I love the snap shot nature of it, and the elongated white border, giving just enough space to write a short note about the image within it's edges.

In many ways, the Polaroid is more in tune with today than a lot of newer digital cameras. People hardly ever print their photos nowadays. Many don't even download them from their camera's memory card! Instead they sit their hidden away, often never to be seen again! Is it because people don't want prints these days? Not in my opinion. I think it's far more to do with a combination of technophobia and laziness. Modern point and shoot digital cameras, which are aimed at the ordinary person on the street have so many buttons, functions and menus that even professional photographers like myself can get confused! Most people just want a single button to take a photo, a button to look at the photo, and then a button to print it... job done! The Polaroid makes all of that even simpler! 1 button to take the photo and then print it... all in 1 go!

Unfortunately, the Polaroid factory closed in 2008, ceasing production of both film and cameras. There are still lots to be found on places like Ebay, and recently, Fuji have launched a range of instant cameras to fill the gap left by the closure of Polaroid.

So what are my plans with my c.1996 Polaroid 636 Close-Up? Well for a start, I need film! I have ordered some, which I'm itching to be delivered! Once it's here I plan to do a series of fashion editorials. I'm still planning the looks I want at this stage. I could either go for a grungy retro vibe, based on the face that I'm shooting Polaroid, or I may go for a more couture look. Watch this space...