The iPhone is the new Lomo!


The reason it's irrelevant is that the photographic process should start with an idea, or a scenario... not a technique! So many people say they lack inspiration or don't know what to shoot. This is because they're doing things backwards. It's like having a car and trying to think of somewhere to drive to... most people won't be able to decide, because there are so many possibilities. Photography is the same... decide where you want to go, before you decide how you want to get there!

The best thing that's happened to my photography recently is my iPhone. The iPhone camera is crap! Really crap! It's noisy, slow, and has no settings or features to adjust... but it's for those reasons I love it so much! The iPhone camera takes away the technical side of photography, meaning all I can do is concentrate on the image itself! But what do I shoot? Well the other great thing about the iPhone is that it's always with me, pretty much 24/7. So because of that, I just shoot things that catch my eye, or that interest me. Sometimes I'll just be sat on a train and point it out of the window and click the shutter button a few times to see what I get. Chase Jarvis has a new iPhone App and bookbased on this idea, called "The Best Camera is the One You Have With You", which is very true!

Lomo photography has the same philosophy of "shooting from the hip". It doesn't matter what you're shooting, as long as you're shooting! In many ways, the iPhone is the new Lomo. It encourages you to just shoot everything and not worry about f/stops and shutter speeds. What's important is that you've recorded something that captured your attention at that moment in time.

After I've taken a shot on my iPhone, what do I do with it? Well yet another cool thing about the iPhone is the amount of photography based apps available. At the moment I'm favouring the Lomo style filters which give a cross processed and vignetted film look to the shots. Here's a screen shot of my "photography" screen on my iPhone so you can see the apps I use.


So now you iPhone peeps out there have no excuses! Just keep in the back of your mind that you always have a camera with you. Doesn't matter that you won't get a billboard sized print out of it. What matters is that you've seen something and then pulled out the best camera you have available at the time and shot it!

Anyway, here's a collection of my images to show the randomness of what I shoot. Some are places I've been that took my breath away. Some are things I found amusing, and some are just abstract things that have no real substance other than being creative with a camera. Feel free to send me your iPhone shots so I can see how you see the world!