Buyer Beware! -

I recently decided to sell my HD camcorder and replace it with a DSLR with HD video capability. I opted for Canon's budget 500D camera body as I only use the videos for YouTube etc, so couldn't justify splashing out on a 7D or 5Dmk2. Stills are my first love, and I'm more than happy with my 1Dmk3.

Anyway, I checked with several companies, and nowhere seemed to have just the body only in stock. There was no point in me buying the kit, as I have more than enough Canon lenses. The only place that did have it in stock was Camerabox. I'd never used them before so I did a bit of Googling to see if they were reputable. Most review sites seemed to give them either 1 star or 5 stars, but there was one review that caught my eye... It said that since using Camerabox, his card had been cloned. Seeing as they were the only company to have the camera in stock, and being as impatient as I am, I went ahead and ordered it.... after double checking I had fraud protection on my credit card!!!

3 days after receiving the camera, I've received a phone call from my credit card company listing a whole load of transactions I know nothing about. Now normally I wouldn't like to jump to conclusions... but... I haven't used this particular card in at least 6 months other than this one purchase at Camerabox, therefore I'm 99% certain, especially as others have had the same problem, that someone there is cloning the cards of their customers!

The card company are currently building a case before going to the police.

My advice to anyone reading this, is to check who you're buying your equipment from, and to make sure you are protected.