The Camel Coat

Literally a year ago I bought my first camel coat, which quickly became one of my go to winter staples, but unfortunately (or fortunately) by the time I pulled out my winter wardrobe, last years coat from H&M was too big. So this obviously meant a trip out shopping for a new one! Yay!!!


It seems that most places are favouring a narrow or in some cases even no lapel this season, whereas I was hoping for something a bit wider this time around. I ended up with a double breasted, which feels super warm when buttoned up, but when open I feel it adds a little something extra over a single breasted. 


My favourite colours as we get closer to winter are currently berry and tan... must be all those falling leaves influencing me! 🍁  

Can you believe that until this week I’d never owned a pair of chelsea boots??? Trying to make sure I have all the menswear classics in my wardrobe, so I picked up this cheap pair to see if I like the overall style and feel before splashing out on something for the long term. 


It’s Remembrance Day this weekend, so wearing a poppy. Usually get through several of the paper poppies, so these new enamel pins are far more ‘Jay proof’. 


 Wearing: Hat by H&M; Overcoat by Marks & Spencer; T-Shirt by H&M; Jeans by New Look; Chelsea Boots by H&M; Breifcase by Zara; Eyewear by H&M; Enamel Poppy Pin by The Royal British LegionPhoto credit: Carlos Costa