The Impossible Project

Yesterday I blogged about my new/old Polaroid camera. Well today I got my brand new film from The Impossible Project.

Polaroid closed the doors to it's factories in 2008, and with it came the end of the instant photograph... or so it seemed at the time! A couple of the factory workers got together at the closing party and came up with a plan to keep it alive!

They signed a 10 year lease on the original Polaroid factory along with much of the old machinery used to make the film we know and love. They then set about forming their company and mixing their own brand of instant film.

Well it took them about 17 months, but in March 2010 they released their 'first flush' of PX Silver Shade instant film. This is a black and white film available for both 600 series and SX-70 series cameras. I can't wait to use mine as the examples I've seen on their website are really exciting!

Colour film is due to be released in July which will firmly announce the rebirth of the instant camera!

If you want to learn more about The Impossible Project and get the full story and a cool factory tour in instant photos, click here.