TouchGlove Promotions

JMP8663-EditLast week I was really excited to shoot something a bit different. Nina Cranstoun of TouchGlove Promotions phoned me up to say she was organising a boxing match for the Help for Heroes charity and she needed some promotional images of her with the two fighters.

The two fighters taking part were Tony Denham, who starred in Football Factory alongside Danny Dyer, and Carlton Leach, of whom the film Rise of the Footsoldier was based.

Was a busy shoot, and my studio was about as busy as it's ever been with all the associated people attending, a film crew, and a reporter from the Mirror newspaper who was writing a story about Nina. That said, it was a lot of fun. Getting the the two guys to scream and shout at each other in order to create the right look for the shot was possibly one of the funniest things I've ever had to shoot! Despite the looks on their faces, the words coming out of their mouths were just comedy gold!

Here's a quick tearsheet of one of the shots appearing in last sunday's Mirror, taking up nearly a full page! :)

Mirror-100404JMP8528 Tony Denham